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Fosimo v1.1.3.0

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Requires: .NET Framework 2.0 (Get it here)

Desktop program that allows to:

  • Chat with friends.
  • View friends online presence.
  • View friends profiles.
  • Change Facebook status.
  • Upload photos without surfing through Facebook.
  • Be notified:
    • Be updated instantly with your Facebook friends status updates. If your friend also uses Fosimo he/she will have a small "*" sign near her/his name.
    • Fosimo will notify for new version when available for download.
    • In addition Fosimo would also notify on:
      • New friend requests.
      • Unread messages.
      • New event invites.
      • New group invites.
  • Autoupdate (will autoupdate each time a new version is available).

Fosimo locations: